Happy World Water Day!


I have the phenomenal good fortune to live in a city in a developed nation that has excellent and abundant groundwater, decent infrastructure, and water prices so affordable that I rarely think about them. Too many places lack one or all of those things.

The UN-Water group designates a theme for World Water Day each year; this year, it’s water and jobs. According to the UN, almost half of workers work in water-related sectors. The two are inextricably linked, especially in agriculture. For example,recent analyses suggest that the Syrian crisis was triggered in part by the pressure put on urban economies by out-of-work farmers whose land had been starved by a 4-year drought.Scientific American wrote a thought-provoking piece about that issue here. Not only farmers but well-diggers, fishermen, ranchers, and many others rely on clean, plentiful water beyond the scope of our usual day-to-day human needs.

Today’s the day to count our H2O blessings, and consider how we can make a difference. I donated to Charity: Water, which spends 100% of its donations to bring clean water to those who lack it.

I’m looking forward to writing more long-form pieces for the blog later this spring and into the summer – graduate school applications, a full time job, and classes have competed with my free time to write and research. I’m still thinking about that California groundwater blog post!


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