Oh, Canada!

This summer my mother, my sister, and I went on an adventure to Canada so my mom could geek out with her best friend about world-famous gardens and so Heather and I could see her family’s home province of Quebec. I was fully prepared to see those silver-steepled churches, the beautiful countryside, and elaborate gardens that looked even better than the magazines. The random volcanic hills, impact crater, beluga whales, and evidence of earthquakes were more of a surprise!

Work and classwork kept me too busy to brush up on the regional geology before the trip, and the fascinating landscape made me regret it. This post series will document my research on the geological oddities I saw, broken up into more manageable chunks by each leg of the road trip.

Coming soon: Montreal to Quebec City: The Great Meteor Hotspot Track and Monadnocks

A bientôt!



3 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!

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