Who writes this, anyways?


I finally made my geologist pilgrimage to the beautiful stratigraphy of the Grand Canyon!

Hello there! My name’s Courtney van Stolk. I’m a wandering earth scientist with experience in: observing roadside geology while not driving off the road on cross-country road trips, measuring lichen in the Andean archaeological sites while dodging alpacas, losing hiking boots while conducted impromptu mud-viscosity survey (a.k.a. passage cartography) in Mammoth Cave, and optimizing the education:chaos ratio of natural science school trips in California’s national parks. Currently, I’m looking to build a career that will help society maximize benefits from and minimize impacts on this lonely blue marble in space!

I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2013 after creating my own major, Environmental Policy, to combine geology with the social science and economics that happen when you add human behavior into the natural environment. I’m excited to start a M.S. degree in Geography at Oregon State University in September 2017!

You can find me elsewhere on the internet at: www.linkedin.com/in/courtneyvanstolk

measuring crawfish

measuring a crayfish in the depths of Mammoth Cave


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